How Often Should I Have My Pool Serviced?

professional Pool service in west palm beach cleaner

Is achieving a clean and safe swimming pool all year round possible? If you do regular pool service in West Palm Beach, the answer is yes. Every enjoyment comes with responsibilities. You can’t expect your pool to be clean if you’re not doing anything.   But the good news is you don’t have to do everything […]

What Are the Chemicals Used in Swimming Pools?

Pool cleaning in boca raton checking pH level

If you want to keep the water in your swimming pool clean and safe, you must learn about the basics of pool cleaning in Boca Raton. Part of pool maintenance is adding the proper chemicals to your pool water. Even if your pool water looks clear, it may still be dirty. Remember, invisible microorganisms can […]

The Most Popular Pool Design Ideas in 2022

modern pool design south florida

Over the past years, you’ve likely noticed significant changes in trends for pool design in South Florida. People are keeping up with the latest pool styles and designs, ensuring the pools they build are aesthetically appealing and functional.   If you spend money on your swimming pool, you might as well make it your best one. […]

How to Keep Bees Away From Your Pool  

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Interestingly, bees look at pools much the same way as humans do. During hot summer days, you’ll not only find people in pools but bees too! Although bees are harmless when unprovoked, swarming bees can make your pool less inviting. Bees are attracted to pools because the water helps hydrate their young. How do you […]

Frequently Asked Pool Care Questions

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We all love swimming pool time. But when it comes to maintaining a pool, some of us feel a bit overwhelmed. While you may contact a pool service company in West Palm Beach to help you with pool maintenance, it also pays to have substantial knowledge about the matter. With that, we have compiled the […]

Fixing a Leaky In-Ground Pool vs. an Above-Ground Pool 

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One of the most common reasons people call for pool service in West Palm Beach is a leak. Whether in an in-ground pool or an above-ground pool, a leaky pool can cause a lot of water waste. Fixing a leak in a pool can be tricky, and it often requires a professional to come out […]

How to Remove a Snake from Your Pool 

snake swimming in a pool requiring pool service in West Palm Beach

Whether it’s a night swimming party or a full day of fun in the sun, many people like to have a good time in the pool. But one thing often gets in the way of swimming fun: snakes. If your pool is close enough to a wooded area, you’re going to have to watch out […]

Designing Your Perfect Indoor Pool 

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An indoor pool is typically designed so that it can be used all year round. It usually contains a filtration system to keep the water clean and safe. However, one can’t leave all the work to the filters. You still need additional help from companies that offer pool service in Stuart.   Although indoor pools can be more expensive, you can still […]

Above-Ground vs. In-Ground Pools: Which One is Right for You?

ongoing pool construction in Palm Beach County

If you’re thinking of getting pool construction in Palm Beach County, the first thing you need to consider is the space you have in your backyard. A swimming pool can be the center of fun and leisure for your family. However, while you may be thinking of having one, you may not be sure whether an above-ground […]

Are Black Bottom Pools Dangerous?

woman meditating beside a custom swimming pool in West Palm Beach

Black bottom pools have recently caught the attention of bath lovers because of their unique style and appeal. These types of pools, like the name suggests, are black in appearance due to the color of the paint or tiles used. However, before you have a custom swimming pool in West Palm Beach made, it’s best to consult […]