3 Most Common Types of In-Ground Swimming Pools 

pool construction in South Florida of a modern in-ground pool

Swimming pools are a great way to cool off on a hot day. Whether you prefer to swim a few lengths or take a dip to keep cool, in-ground swimming pools are a great addition to your home. Pool construction in South Florida for in-ground swimming pools will give you the chance to design and […]

Benefits of Reflective Solar Covers in Your Pool 

aesthetic pool design in South Florida with pool solar covers

One of the best ways to have fun is by taking a refreshing dip in your outdoor pool with the pool design in South Florida you’ve worked hard thinking about.   The only thing better than swimming in the warm water on a chilly day is doing so while surrounded by your friends and family. The only thing that might be better than that […]

Customizing the Right Backyard Pool for You 

backyard custom swimming pool in West Palm Beach

Building your custom swimming pool in West Palm Beach means getting the features and size of the pool that will allow you to relax and enjoy summertime, all while staying within your budget. From the size and location to the type of automation, components, and accessories, there’s a lot to think about when it comes to finding the […]

4 Reasons Why Installing a Pool for Your Kids is a Great Idea 

pool construction in Palm Beach County for families to enjoy

In today’s world, where parents are working long hours, a great option for kids to have some fun is to enjoy a pool in the backyard. Kids love swimming, whether in the ocean, a lake, or a pool. Although pool construction in Palm Beach County can bring challenges, the good news is that installing a pool […]

Pool Shapes for Your Backyard Swimming Baths 

custom swimming pool design in West Palm Beach

Before you decide what pool design to have in your backyard, it’s best to consider the space you have available. Aside from that, you must also understand the variables involved in each design to get a better picture of how much cost it would entail. Relying on a professional team to build a custom swimming pool in […]

Pool Design: Why Less is More

modern pool design in South Florida

For centuries, people have been obsessed with upscaling their swimming pools for a more aesthetic design and merrier afternoons. This includes the addition of grottoes, waterfalls, waterslides, and diving boards. However, pool design in South Florida has recently seen a different, back-to-simplicity approach to such watery retreats.   Pool fountains and LED lights are a cool feature to […]

Types of Pool Fountains for Your Swimming Pool

pool fountain pool design in Palm Beach County

The best thing about making your own pool design in Palm Beach County is that you can customize it to look like the enchanting oasis you want it to be. While having a pool in your backyard is good reason enough to get the attention of your neighbors, you can choose to go a notch higher in beautifying it […]

Designing Your Perfect Indoor Pool 

woman relaxing after the pool service in Stuart

An indoor pool is typically designed so that it can be used all year round. It usually contains a filtration system to keep the water clean and safe. However, one can’t leave all the work to the filters. You still need additional help from companies that offer pool service in Stuart.   Although indoor pools can be more expensive, you can still […]

Above-Ground vs. In-Ground Pools: Which One is Right for You?

ongoing pool construction in Palm Beach County

If you’re thinking of getting pool construction in Palm Beach County, the first thing you need to consider is the space you have in your backyard. A swimming pool can be the center of fun and leisure for your family. However, while you may be thinking of having one, you may not be sure whether an above-ground […]

Are Black Bottom Pools Dangerous?

woman meditating beside a custom swimming pool in West Palm Beach

Black bottom pools have recently caught the attention of bath lovers because of their unique style and appeal. These types of pools, like the name suggests, are black in appearance due to the color of the paint or tiles used. However, before you have a custom swimming pool in West Palm Beach made, it’s best to consult […]