The Basics of Pool Care Maintenance

Pool service in Boca raton checking water's pH

It’s fun to own a pool. You can invite friends over and have barbecue parties whenever you want to. However, before you build a pool in your backyard, do know that it comes with responsibilities. Part of owning a pool is making sure you maintain it. If you don’t have the time, you can hire […]

Factors to Consider When Constructing a Pool

before and after pool construction in south florida

You might think constructing a pool is all fun and games, but wait until you get to the actual work. When it comes to building pools, the best people for the job are experts in pool construction in South Florida.   Building a pool from scratch requires more than downloading images from your Pinterest board or […]

3 Ways to Keep Your Dogs Safe Around Your Pool

cute dog on a bench thanks to pool construction in South Florida

A pool can be a great source of fun and market value. It can also be equally enticing for your furry friends. If you have a four-legged family member, there are extra steps you should consider during pool construction in South Florida. Taking them into consideration when building your pool will make your bonding time […]

7 Steps to Properly Drain Your Pool 

drained pool as part of pool cleaning in Boynton Beach

We all know that the best way to keep our pools clean is to keep them well-maintained. One of the most important aspects of pool cleaning in Boynton Beach is draining the pool regularly. This process will remove contaminants and debris even without harsh chemicals or expensive equipment.     Steps in Pool Draining Step 1: […]

The 3 Cs in Pool Care Basics 

image of a woman doing manual pool cleaning in Delray Beach

Having a pool is a great way to cool off during the summer. But keeping your pool clean and clear is just as important. Not only does it keep your pool safe for swimming, but it also helps to avoid costly repairs and other problems that can occur when your pool is not maintained. Thus, […]

3 Most Common Types of In-Ground Swimming Pools 

pool construction in South Florida of a modern in-ground pool

Swimming pools are a great way to cool off on a hot day. Whether you prefer to swim a few lengths or take a dip to keep cool, in-ground swimming pools are a great addition to your home. Pool construction in South Florida for in-ground swimming pools will give you the chance to design and […]

4 Reasons Why Installing a Pool for Your Kids is a Great Idea 

pool construction in Palm Beach County for families to enjoy

In today’s world, where parents are working long hours, a great option for kids to have some fun is to enjoy a pool in the backyard. Kids love swimming, whether in the ocean, a lake, or a pool. Although pool construction in Palm Beach County can bring challenges, the good news is that installing a pool […]

3 Key Tips for Above-Ground Pool Maintenance

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Pool maintenance can be a daunting task when you don’t know how it should go. An above-ground pool in your backyard is a favorite spot for kids and adults alike during the summer; thus, keeping it in the best shape and working state should lie at the top of your priorities. Thankfully, you can rely on […]

How to Get Animals Out of Your Pool    

clean blue water from professional pool service in Delray Beach

Having a pool in your backyard can turn a boring yard into a fun-filled place everyone can enjoy. While you plunge into the merrymaking and spend warm afternoons dipping in the water, your pool may also invite unwanted guests. In a case where stray animals get into your pool, whether intentionally or not, you may need help […]

The Truth About Urinating in Pools

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Swimming has always been a fun activity. Children and adults alike enjoy it. And pool cleaning companies in Delray beach have constantly reminded us not to urinate in pools. However, despite having these glaring signs on pool decks, people continue to disobey them.   Why Shouldn’t We Urinate in Pools? Aside from it being gross, urinating in pools may also result […]