Rock Waterfalls For Swimming Pools

If you are thinking of adding a Rock Waterfall to your existing swimming pool, you have a come to the right place. Fountain Blue Pool Service has been creating spectacular rock waterfalls for swimming pools since 1996. Our services are available throughout Palm Beach County, from Hobe Sound to Boca Raton.

Rock Waterfall are added easily
In most cases our team is able to add a rock waterfall to your swimming pool with little to no modifications to your existing pool. We use artificial rocks which are lighter than actual rocks, and installed using minimum masonry.

The advantage of Artificial Rocks for Pools
Artificial rocks are easier to maintain, less expensive, and much easier to install than actual rocks. Artificial rocks are by far the best choice for all your rock waterfall applications, as they are much lighter than actual rocks, yet stronger than concrete.

So whether you are looking for a simple rock formation for your pool, or an extravagant theme park looking waterfall, Fountain Blue Pool Service will provide you a solution that fits both your needs and your budget.

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