Pool Design in Palm Beach County

Pool Design

Design is a crucial step in building your dream pool. When you choose a pool design in Palm Beach County, you’re not just deciding on its aesthetics; you’re also making choices about its functionality and safety.

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What to Consider When Designing a Pool

A well-designed pool is a valuable asset that can make your home or property even more attractive and relaxing to stay in. The following factors all need to be considered.

Your Pool’s Purpose

Your design should keep two questions in mind:

  • Why are you building it?

  • Who’s going to swim in it?

For example, if you want to relax, then a pool spa design can be the ideal option. Nature-rich landscaping can also be added. If it’s meant for children, a kid-friendly pool with colorful sculptures of cartoon characters and fountains might be the way to go.

Location And Measurements

Choosing the right spot to build a pool is important because this affects your pool’s foundation, as well as its plumbing and drainage systems.

The shape and the depth of your pool are also affected by its location. Experts recommend a rectangle-shaped pool, as this is the easiest shape for customization. If you have children in your location, it’s best to keep pools shallower to prevent drowning.

Your pool’s location and measurements will also determine the area’s emergency exits. It is best to dedicate spaces where people can go in and out of the pool for easier access.

Barriers And Pool Covers

Barriers should be put around the pool according to the standards imposed by the government to avoid accidents. Pool covers should be neutral in color and should be checked regularly, to prevent mosquitoes from breeding there.

Why Professional Design Is Important

Our designs will allow you to see what it looks like before construction has even begun. You can make any modifications you want, without having to worry about increased contracting costs. All technical aspects are taken care of by knowledgeable, trained and experienced professionals.

Our professional designers can also work alongside other contractors to make sure that the pool project’s plan is being followed accordingly. This is especially helpful if anything is discovered during the process which requires changes to the design.

How Pool Designs Can Help Renovate Your Pool

Getting tired of your current pool? The right design can help you renovate it, either by freshening it up or changing it in some way that better aligns with your tastes or needs. Feel free to share your ideas with us and we will deliver the pool you desire!

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At Fountain Blue Pools,we take pride in creating award-winning pool designs in Palm Beach County, Florida. Homeowners and business owners alike are satisfied with our pool designs, thanks to over twenty years of experience.

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