Pool Construction In Palm Beach County

Pool Construction

Always dreamt of having your own pool in the backyard? If you’re prepared to turn that dream into a reality, we’re here to help! We’ve been in the pool construction industry for years, and we’re ready to use our experience to assist you.

Whether you need help with pool construction in Palm Beach County for a residential property or a commercial establishment, we’re the best team for the job. We have the knowledge, experience, skills and equipment to do the job marvelously.

Why People Love Pools

Installing a pool adds value to your property. This makes it easier to market if you ever plan to sell it in the future.

The sunny weather and longer summers in Florida also make it ideal to have a pool for you, your family, and friends to cool down and have fun. Plus, who wouldn’t want to have a pool? Having a pool is cool! Right? If you’re a business owner, a pool can encourage people to visit your property, which in turn represents many opportunities to increase revenue. A recent study about customer satisfaction shows that tangible amenities, including swimming pools, ranked 4th in the words commonly used in hotel reviews.

Pools We Specialize In

We cater to a wide range of pool types that fits your preferences, lifestyle, and business demands.

Commercial Swimming Pools

If you have a solid vision for the pool you want, we’re all ears! We’ll listen to your ideas and help you should you need our assistance with design. We can construct just about any type of commercial swimming pool.

We build swim spas, jacuzzis, training pools, Olympic swimming pools, and custom pools that come with quality equipment and pristine landscaping. We make sure that the commercial pools we build adhere to the standards imposed by the Florida Department of Health.

Residential Swimming Pools

We collaborate with residential construction companies to build pools for homeowners across Florida. We abide by the safety barrier guidelines imposed specifically for residential pools, which ensures your security while you have fun with family and friends.

The Construction Process

Building a pool is a complex process that requires a concrete plan to be successful. Your property will undergo a thorough inspection to identify the measurements and materials that will fit your budget. You can also refer to our past projects for ideas.

Once your pool is done, it will require regular maintenance. Otherwise, it can become a potential health hazard. We offer weekly visits and maintenance programs to make sure your pool is in good condition and is safe for use.

If you wish to add equipment or revamp your swimming pool, we also offer standardized remodeling and renovation services.

Want To Learn More About Pool Construction in Palm Beach County?

Our experts in Fountain Blue Pools have been helping clients across Florida build quality pools for over twenty years. We take pride in being the top choice for both homeowners and business owners.

We have received various awards from many organizations, making us recognizable for providing quality pool construction in Palm Beach County. Give us a call to partner with us with your dream pool project!

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