Is draining your swimming pool part of pool cleaning in Delray Beach? The answer is no. Seeing dirt, algae, and other debris in your pool can be surprising. Sometimes, people think that the best action is to drain all the water. It may seem harmless, but according to pool experts, draining your pool should be your last resort.

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Pool Draining: Should I Do It?

When Can I Drain My Pool?

Draining pools is probably the last on your list, as filling them takes so much time, especially if you have a big pool. The good news is you don’t have to do it daily, weekly, or even monthly. Experts recommend draining your pool for an average of every five to seven years unless it needs major repairs.

Why Is It Dangerous to Drain Your Pool?

Draining your pool is dangerous for so many reasons. First of all, a swimming pool is not designed to be empty. Regardless if you have a fiberglass, concrete, or vinyl pool, it must be full. The pool becomes susceptible to damage when all the water is drained out. Pool experts will always advise against pool draining unless there is no other option.
One of the major dangers of draining a swimming pool is hydrostatic pressure. It happens when the groundwater under and around your pool pushes against the floor and walls of your swimming pool. The increased pressure can severely damage your swimming pool by causing the floor to crack or shift.

Another potential danger of a drained pool is exposing the walls and floors of your pool to the elements. The materials used in constructing swimming pools are designed to be submerged, so they can dry out and crack if there’s no water.

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Need Pool Cleaning in Delray Beach?

If you want to drain your pool to clean it, leave that job to us. Draining is not the solution. At Fountain Blue Pools, we provide expert pool cleaning services that are safe and efficient. Our team has years of experience in the industry to ensure that your pool is spotless. Contact us to learn more.

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