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Pool Cleaning

Keeping your pool clean and safe is something you should do very often for yourself, your friends and family, and your customers. Neglecting pool cleaning in West Palm Beach may result in horrible problems, and you don’t want to experience that!

Need help in cleaning your pool regularly? Worry no more! We at the Fountain Blue Pools are here to make your pool problem-free and fun to bathe in! Here’s how we can do that for you.

What To Expect In Pool Cleaning

Pool cleaning is a maintenance task that involves the removal of debris and contaminants while checking your pool water’s chemicals, pH levels, and interior.

This prevents bacteria and parasites such as crypto from becoming present and breeding in the water. It also extends the longevity of the facilities you have in your pool, such as filters and landscapes.

How Does The Weather In Florida Affect Your Pool Water

Florida tends to maintain warmer temperatures, and summer lasts longer than other states. Therefore, it’s the perfect season for people to get outside and swim in pools.

The ultraviolet rays from the warm temperature in Florida can reduce chlorine in pool water by up to 90%, which can be a high risk for bacterial infection. It is recommended to replenish your pool water’s chlorine more often during the summer to ensure the swimmers’ safety.

Our pool cleaning experts can help you avoid these problems by regularly checking and balancing your pool water’s chemicals. That way, you don’t have to worry about your pool being used often or dirtied by Florida’s weather.

What Happens If You Left Your Pool Uncleaned

If not cleaned, your pool is tempting more significant problems, which you, the swimmers, and even your business will have to rectify. Such issues will cost you time, money, and health.

Did you know that over 500 disease outbreaks, such as skin diseases and diarrhea, are caused by dirty pool water? These outbreaks are often caused by contaminants that weren’t removed, like debris and animal wastes.

A dirty pool is also prone to damages. For example, if you left filters and drains clogged, this could eventually lead to further damage to the pool’s pumps. Take note that pool damages are expensive and time-consuming.

When your commercial pool has problems caused by not cleaning it, you are affecting your business a lot! Your customers will be unhappy, and your business might get awful reviews, losing its profitability!

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Fountain Blue Pools has been offering quality pool services in West Palm Beach, Florida, for over two decades. Our pool experts have been helping clients maintain pools with our full-service pool care and budget-friendly chemical programs!

Our clients have been enjoying their pools worry-free, and we have received awards for that! We can guarantee a clean pool that is safe and fun to splash around in!

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