Swimming pools with black bottoms have recently become a trend, both in residential and commercial setups. Aesthetically, it’s undeniable that a black bottom pool stands out compared to blue ones. Its minimalist yet sophisticated design attracts home and resort owners to have one built in their property. However, professional pool service companies in Boynton Beach found more disadvantages than positives.  

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Is It Best to Have a Pool with a Black Bottom?

The rise of industrial-type houses and buildings made black bottom pools famous. It’s undeniable that these dark pools go well with industrial designs in terms of thematic alignment. But, black bottom pools are found to have more downsides that outweigh the aesthetics they bring.  

Black Bottom Pools Are Prone to Causing Accidents

Because of its dark color, it’s difficult to estimate its depth. Statistics even show that more people have sustained back and neck injuries with pools that have dark colors. Thus, such pools aren’t advisable for when children and pets occasionally take a dip here.  

Black Algae Are More Difficult to Spot

Since black algae can camouflage to the dark walls and bottoms, they are tremendously difficult to spot. You will only see them when you drain your pool. The only advantage associated with a black bottom pool is it can make the water warmer because of its ability to absorb sunlight. Unfortunately, warmer water correlates to more algae growth. 

Black Bottom Pools Look Dirty

Although they look appealing to some, black bottom pools generally look dirty. They look like they’re unmaintained. And the fact that you’d see nothing else but black would definitely make you hesitate to take a plunge.  

Water Won’t Sparkle

At first, you may think black bottom pools are perfect for your Instagram photos until you realize the water won’t sparkle. And no matter what you do, black simply wouldn’t gleam.  

Pool service Boynton beach

Consult With a Professional Pool Service Near Boynton Beach

Therefore, although black bottom pools may look attractive, their disadvantages overshadow their elegant look. Thus, before you build one for your house or your resort, consult with a professional first to enlighten you on the matter. Constructing a pool entails lots of money, and you surely don’t want your hard-earned cash to go to waste.  

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