Can pool cleaning in Boca Raton fix a cloudy pool? What are the reasons why pool water can get cloudy? According to experts, many factors contribute to a milky-looking pool. Examples are improper chlorine levels, high calcium hardness, a clogged filter, early stages of algae, and imbalanced pH.

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What Causes Cloudy Pool Water?

Check Free Chlorine Level

A low free chlorine level is the most common cause of cloudy water. Make sure to check it first. When your free chlorine level is low, it means you have chloramine, which is responsible for making your water turn cloudy. You’ll know it because it reeks of chlorine. When your pool has too much chloramine, your chlorine cannot effectively clean your pool, allowing ammonia and algae to multiply quickly.

Suppose chloramine is the reason why your pool water is cloudy, you should start measuring your free chlorine or your combined chlorine.  

To solve for the combined chlorine, deduct the value of free chlorine from the total chlorine. If your free chlorine is less than three ppm or your combined chlorine is more than 0.5ppm (it doesn’t matter what type of water you have in your pool, whether it’s saltwater or not), you need to shock it right away to get rid of the bacteria before you take the ammonia or algae out.  

Chemical Imbalance 

When your pool’s chemicals are imbalanced, there’s a tendency for the water to get cloudy, like when there’s too little chlorine or too much chlorine applied. The alkalinity, stabilizer levels, calcium hardness, and pH can affect water cloudiness.  

Broken Filter

When your filters are damaged, it will lead to poor water circulation. Your filters can get damaged if there is scaling or if the cartridges are worn out.  

Environmental Factors

Leaves, pollen, dust, dirt, and other debris can clog up your filter and obstruct its ability to clean your pool. Bird droppings, insects, and run-off water following rain can also lead to the cloudy pool water.

successful Pool cleaning in boca raton

Need Pool Cleaning in Boca Raton?

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