Before you agree to pool construction in Palm Beach County, you must consider several factors, especially if you have children. We all know kids are attracted to water. They can spend hours swimming without complaining of getting tired. Although a pool is built for everyone’s enjoyment, you should consider pool safety for children. How do you build the perfect pool for your kids? 

  mother and child enjoying the water after pool construction in palm beach county

Constructing a Pool for Children  

Shallow Area 

Before construction, allocate a shallow area where your children can play. This area is a safe place for them to get toys from the pool floor and play games.  

Add a Ledge 

Also called a tanning bench or a sun shelf, a ledge in your pool is approximately five feet in width and around nine inches in depth. It can also serve as your pool’s entry point. It should be deep enough for you to be dipped in the pool without having to float or swim. Adults can also lounge and relax in this area. It’s a win-win for both you and your children.  

Check Temperature 

Are you aware that adults’ and children’s experiences with water temperatures vary? The water may feel warm to you, but not for your little ones. Studies show that children lose heat fast. It’s essential to choose the ideal pool temperature for everyone in the household.  

So, if you have children, you may want to consider keeping the temperature warmer. You shouldn’t make it too warm that it becomes uncomfortable. However, if you have babies and toddlers in your house, you may want to increase it.  

before and after pool construction in palm beach county

Hire Experts in Pool Construction in Palm Beach County Today!  

Consult with pool construction experts when you add a pool to your backyard. Pool experts will strike a balance between aesthetics and safety. At Fountain Blue Pools, we will customize your pools based on your specifications. We’re also happy to suggest ways to improve your design and make it safe to use. Contact us today for more information.  

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