There are many different ways to approach the job when designing your pool. Some people like to plan out every little detail, from the exact shape of the pool to the exact color of the liner. Other people are much more free-flowing, creating a more unusual pool design in Palm Beach County.  

The truth is there’s no single, standard design for a pool. There’s no right or wrong way if you get the results you want. The shape, size, and layout of your pool can all be customized to meet your needs and reflect your unique style and home environment.  

In this article, we’ll show you some unusual ways to shape your pool that you can use as inspiration to design the pool of your dreams. 

unusual pool design in Palm Beach County  

Unusual Pool Designs

Kidney Pools 

Kidney pools make the most sense when you have a small yard or limited space. The kidney shape effectively cools the water for swimming, and it can be designed in any size. An interesting feature is that they do not obstruct your view because of curved pool sides.  

In some cases, these pools can be built into the side of a hill, allowing it to be surrounded by a natural landscape. However, it can be tricky to construct this pool in that setting.  

Geometric Pools 

These pools often state the homeowners’ taste in art and design. They can be a single, solid shape or a series of different designs that reflect the owner’s unique style. They’re often the focal point of a home and can be made in any size.  

Grecian Pools

Often used for a Mediterranean-style home, this pool design is made with equal parts cut from all corners of a rectangle. It is often surrounded by decking and landscaping to create the perfect setting for relaxation. 

Freeform Pools

The most flexible design allows the homeowner to make a pool suit their needs. It can be a single shape, a series of different shapes, or a freeform shape. The size of the pool is limited only by the space you have available. For these pools, you have almost unlimited design freedom. It is probably the best choice when you have a large yard.  

kidney pool design in Palm beach county  

Need a Hand with Pool Design in Palm Beach County?

If you’re looking for an unusual pool design and want to give yourself some flexibility in the process, our pool consultants are happy to help. Contact us today at Fountain Blue Pools to find out more.

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