The best thing about making your own pool design in Palm Beach County is that you can customize it to look like the enchanting oasis you want it to be. While having a pool in your backyard is good reason enough to get the attention of your neighbors, you can choose to go a notch higher in beautifying it by including additional water features.  

And one great way of upscaling your pool design is by using pool fountains.  

elegant pool fountain pool design in Palm Beach County

Different Types of Pool Fountains You Can Use

Waterfall Fountain

This type of fountain is usually installed on the sides of your pool. They are perfect for a nice spray of water over the top. You may also adjust the direction of the water and the height of the fountain 

Flashing LED Fountain

Fancying a more fun atmosphere to your swimming pool? If so, then you should get a fountain that features fun LED lights. It’s a favorite of many pool owners because of its bright multi-colored LED light that can last for potentially hundreds or thousands of hours. They are usually installed on your poolside and surely give an elegant touch to your backyard swimming bath.  

poolside fountain pool design in Palm Beach County 

Need Help with Your Pool Design in Palm Beach County?

Although designing your own pool can be a fun activity, it can also be time-consuming and stressful. This is especially true if you don’t know the correct materials to get or how to build or install some features.  

At Fountain Blue Pools, we aim to guide and help pool owners get the finest swimming pool for a pleasurable, fun time. Give us a call today to start making the pool of your dreams a reality. 

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