Swimming has always been a fun activity. Children and adults alike enjoy it. And pool cleaning companies in Delray beach have constantly reminded us not to urinate in pools. However, despite having these glaring signs on pool decks, people continue to disobey them.  

Pool cleaning Delray beach

Why Shouldn’t We Urinate in Pools?

Aside from it being gross, urinating in pools may also result in serious conditions. A 2014 study suggested that urine can combine with chlorine present in swimming pools and form harmful chemicals. This combination causes a chemical reaction and forms two harmful substances – cyanogen chloride and trichloramine.  

Cyanogen chloride is a highly volatile chemical that interferes with the body’s ability to use oxygen. On the other hand, trichloramine is an eye and airway irritant considered a possible cause of asthma.  

Several studies show that many competitive swimmers have asthma and other respiratory issues, although we may not be sure why.  

Does This Mean We Should Stop Swimming? 

These health concerns, however, do not mean that people should stop swimming. Conversely, swimming remains a great form of exercise, even better than running and walking. However, the next time we think of swimming in pools, we must remember to use the bathroom for peeing.  

As suggested, it’s best to use the restroom first before jumping into the water. This way, we won’t need to urinate in public. But what if others won’t follow it? 

Pool cleaning Delray beach

Pool Cleaning in Delray Beach Has a Solution

Fortunately, pool owners have found a better alternative to disinfect water without the use of chlorine. These alternatives are salt or copper ionization. Although expensive, copper ionization is proven to kill viruses and bacteria without causing skin, hair, or eye problems. Salt, on the other hand, is also a safe substitute. 

However, salt may ruin the decks, grass, and other surrounding areas. In this case, you may need to contact a professional pool cleaning service company to help you with your problem.  

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