Over the past years, you’ve likely noticed significant changes in trends for pool design in South Florida. People are keeping up with the latest pool styles and designs, ensuring the pools they build are aesthetically appealing and functional.  

If you spend money on your swimming pool, you might as well make it your best one. Take advantage of the fact that modern pool contractors are fearless when experimenting with pool styles. These 2022 trendy pool design ideas will surely wow your guests!

tanning ledge in pool design south florida

2022 Pool Design Ideas 

Add Tanning Ledges 

Most hotels and resorts have tanning ledges incorporated into their swimming pools. Why not do it in your pool? Besides, there aren’t any strict rules regarding pool design as long as the feature doesn’t put your safety at risk. Having a pool tanning ledge makes your pool visually unique and offers convenience.  

A tanning ledge is typically eight feet wide and 18 inches deep. The point is to make the space large enough to accommodate at least two lounge chairs. The shape of your ledge depends on your preference. You can make it round, curved, rectangular, or square.  

Build Grottos 

Going on vacations will give you ideas on what feature to add to your pool next. A grotto or a rock waterfall is a good hardscape that will truly provide character to your pool. It is a waterfall feature with a hollow space more like a cave where you can enjoy privacy away from other swimmers. It’s dramatic, eye-catching, and unexpected. Anyone who takes a dip in your pool will be fascinated by it.  

beautiful modern pool design south florida

Interested in More Ideas for Pool Design in South Florida? 

Part of the planning is working on a budget. Before you build a pool or renovate your old pool, consider your budget. Once that’s settled, you can now check for designs that will fit the cost you set. If you want more information about pool designs, we can help. At Fountain Blue Pools, we are thrilled to offer affordable pool design services. Contact us today to learn more.  

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