Do you know what’s so great about adding a pool to your home? Besides increasing your property’s value, a pool is worth all the money spent because you’ll have your little private oasis just a few steps away from your house. Deciding on a pool design in Palm Beach County should be the first on your list of to-dos. It’s important to find the perfect design before you take the plunge.

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Pool Design Mistakes to Avoid

Mistake #1: You’re Too Focused on the Pool 

We get that you’re ecstatic to start building your pool but be wary about the most common mistake homeowners make. When you design your pool, don’t just focus on the pool alone 

You must also consider your house, the lot area, and other future amenities you’ll likely add to your backyard over time. If your pool occupies most of the space, you might have a hard time when making adjustments. 

Mistake #2: Selecting the Wrong Patio Materials 

Adding a patio or a deck around your pool can improve its functionality and make it look more attractive. However, choosing the wrong material for your pool deck could ruin the entire thing.  

Homeowners who fail to research before shopping for materials may end up with something that isn’t durable or a material that can cause accidents (ex. slippery tiles or a material that cracks easily).  

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Need Professional Help with Your Pool Design in Palm Beach County? 

Building and designing a pool is far more complex than you think. There are plenty of factors to consider. If you need professional help, our Fountain Blue Pools, Inc. team can help.  

We have experience in pool construction, repair, and maintenance. We serve many communities throughout West Palm Beach, FL. Schedule with us today to get a free estimate so we can start building your new pool! 

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