Don’t know what to do with the space at the back of your house? Why don’t you hire a pool service in Stuart to build a pool for you and your family? Having a pool in your backyard is like having your little piece of tropical heaven. If you’ve decided to build one, part of your consideration is choosing a pool water system. Two of the most popular pool systems are chlorine and saltwater. Which among the two is better and easier to maintain?  

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Chlorine Versus Saltwater Pool 

Chlorine and Salt Levels 

Did you know that saltwater systems also contain chlorine? The difference is that they have a lower chlorine level than traditional chlorinated pools. A saltwater pool adds chlorine at a constant level instead of using tablets or sticks.  

The pool has its own saltwater generator, which creates hypochlorous acid to sanitize the pool via electrolysis. Interestingly, the salt content of a saltwater pool is just one-tenth of the salinity of seawater. Swimmers say their skin feels softer after dipping in a saltwater pool.  


When it comes to maintenance, the saltwater system gets the upper hand. Compared to chlorine, a saltwater pool is easier to maintain. You can maintain the cleanliness of a pool for up to 14 days without doing anything.  

Meanwhile, conventional chlorinated pools must be maintained weekly by regularly adding chlorine sticks or tablets. However, both systems must be checked periodically to ensure that the chlorine levels are kept within their correct limits to keep your pool clean.  

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Do You Need Pool Service in Stuart? 

If you want more options besides chlorine and saltwater, feel free to talk to our pool experts. At Fountain Blue Pools, Inc., we offer pool construction, repair, and maintenance. We have been serving different communities throughout West Palm Beach, FL. Our company provides an extensive array of services, from pool and spa remodeling to regular pool maintenance services. Get in touch with us today and get a free estimate. 

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