Being able to swim is a vital life-saving ability because drowning is still one of the most common causes of accidental death in children. However, although your kids know how to swim, it’s not guaranteed that accidents cannot happen anymore. Thankfully, you can avoid the dangers of drowning or injuries through professional pool construction in Palm Beach County.  Safety features can be installed to protect your children.

Learning to swim also benefits children’s development in a variety of ways. Swimming has several advantages for children, including mental and physical development, improved social skills and confidence, and the development of safety skills.

little girl swimming after pool construction in Palm Beach County was completed

What Kids Get From Swimming

Mental and Physical Development

Swimming takes a great deal of coordination, both physically and psychologically. There’s a lot of emphasis on leg kicks, arm pulls, and breath control. As a result, kids become more focused on developing their swimming skills and begin to experience incredible results, recognizing that concentrating makes a difference in their capacity to succeed.

Improved Confidence

We understand that youngsters are apprehensive about water and new experiences. For beginner swimmers, letting go of the wall and taking those first few pulls and kicks toward the other side of the pool might be scary.

Guided swimming can create a welcoming and comfortable environment where kids can face their concerns, learn to swim, appreciate the water, and have a great time doing it. Kids build confidence in themselves and their talents with each kick, stroke, and breath because minor victories add to a great sense of success.

After all, life is a large pool full of lessons that stretch us, transform us, and push us out of our comfort zones.

Development of Safety Skills

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, drowning is the leading cause of injury-related death among children ages 1-4 and the second largest cause of death among children ages 5-14. While drowning avoidance needs multiple layers of safety, knowing how to swim has been demonstrated to cut drowning risk by 88%.

However, if you want to keep your pool area as safe and secure as possible, consider installing pool safety devices such as pool fences, automatic pool covers, immersion pool alarms, pool gate alarms, pool nets, swim aids, floating motion sensors, and child locks.

pool construction in Palm Beach County

Take Advantage of Professional Pool Construction in Palm Beach County

It’s important to note, however, that even if you believe your child “knows” how to swim, you should still hire a licensed pool construction company that knows what pool safety measures to integrate into your pool design. Call us at Fountain Blue Pools today for a free estimate!

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