Pool design in South Florida is not as simple and easy as you think. It is critical to consider several factors when designing a pool to ensure it is visually appealing, functional, and safe. 

Material selection shouldn’t be based solely on physical characteristics. To ensure you’re getting the most out of your investment, learning the basic principles of pool building is vital.  

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Principles of Pool Building 

Surface Finishes 

Several factors must be considered when choosing surface finishes for your pool, such as visual appeal, hygiene, ease of maintenance, and safety. A popular stone finish is a natural stone, but unfortunately, it doesn’t have a non-slip-resistant feature compared to tile finishes.  

You should also be careful when choosing natural finishes like slate because they are prone to de-laminate. Pool design experts also discourage you from using marble finishes that have fissures. It’s not wise to use limestone in a wet environment because it’s soft and easily erodes.  

Pool Finishes 

Most pools use tiles for their finishing. If you decide to go for tiles, prioritize safety. Make sure you invest in non-slip tiles in accident-prone areas in your swimming, such as in shallow areas and around the stairs.  

We do not encourage using slate or natural stone because these stones are highly porous and can quickly discolor. They’ll leave ugly resides on the floor. The best way to know what pool finish to use is to test them with pool chemicals before installing them. You may also add a rendered finish to boost waterproofing. The rendered finish is applied between the concrete and the finished tile. 

elegant pool design in south florida

Do You Need Help With Pool Design in South Florida?  

In reality, designing pools is a complex process if you don’t have the knowledge and experience since there’s a lot to consider. If you need help designing your pool, we’re here for you. At Fountain Blue Pools, we offer professional pool design services so you can enjoy a visually pleasing and functional swimming pool. Contact us to learn more! 

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