For centuries, people have been obsessed with upscaling their swimming pools for a more aesthetic design and merrier afternoons. This includes the addition of grottoes, waterfalls, waterslides, and diving boards. However, pool design in South Florida has recently seen a different, back-to-simplicity approach to such watery retreats.  

Pool fountains and LED lights are a cool feature to your swimming bath as they help set the mood for when you want to achieve a specific ambiance for what one can call a leisurely time. But sometimes they can be too much. The key is balance. 

modern villa with a sleek pool design in South Florida 

How are Newer Pools Different?

They are Narrower

From the standard size of 20×40 feet, pool owners and designers are slimming down their pools to just 12 feet wide. This makes for a longer, narrower rectangular finish. Pool owners must have realized that it should be more of a social gathering spot than a playground.  

With these dimensions and a simpler design, people find it more beautiful and it easily integrates with the home’s architecture.  

They are Shallower

With the elimination of a diving board, newly built pools are sometimes only five feet in depth. You may think that it eliminates the fun. However, homeowners think it provides a safer and more intimate atmosphere for your afternoon dip. As a family, you can comfortably huddle together in a circle for a conversation.  

Furthermore, you can simply walk around the pool while holding a drink without the fear of submerging it into the water. And those who don’t know how to swim won’t feel left behind as they can join in the fun.  

Most importantly, these pools are more environmentally friendly because they need less water and are easier to heat.  

They are Sleeker

Finishing with a white plaster touch, the water in your pool appears to be classier, with a light turquoise color or ocean-blue hue. Gone are the days when black bottoms were the trend. Yes, they can look awesome, but today, people prefer to see where they’re swimming and what’s underneath. 

The addition of lounges and ledges by the poolside also offers an opportunity to dip your lower torso in the water without fully committing to swimming.  

pool design south florida


Need Help with Pool Design in South Florida?

As an integral part of your home’s landscape, it’s essential to get professional help with your swimming pool’s design. Toning down the aesthetics and features of your pool doesn’t always mean making it look boring. Sometimes, we have to let go of unnecessary intricacies and stick to the beauty of a simplistic style.    

At Fountain Blue Pools, our designers will help you make a pool that fits perfectly to your taste. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.  

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