Part of pool cleaning in Boynton Beach is adding sanitizing chemicals to ensure your pool is safe to swim in. Pool chemicals are necessary to prevent outbreaks and stop the spread of bacteria. They also help improve pool water quality and protect it against algae growth. One of the concerns of pool owners is rainwater. While you can control the amount of chemicals you put in your pool, unfortunately, you can’t control the weather. Can rainwater affect the chemical balance in your pool? Will it cause problems? 

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Can Rainwater Cause Pool Problems? 

What Happens When Rainwater Gets Into Your Pool? 

Rainwater’s acidic properties can throw off your pool’s chemical balance, such as its alkalinity level, calcium hardness, and pH balance. Rain can alter these chemicals. It can get worse when run-off water from your pool decks and gutters makes its way into your pool, carrying debris and dirt. In effect, it reduces the active chlorine level in your swimming pool.  

Can Rainwater in Your Pool Cause Other Problems? 

Before rainwater hits your pool, it goes through a complex and interesting process. During evaporation, water is stripped of its carbonation and minerals. Once it gets in the clouds, it turns into its purest form with a pH of 7. When it rains, the droplets mix with air contaminants. Lastly, when it reaches your pool, it may bring dirt and spores that cause algae growth. 

How Can You Protect Your Pool From Rainwater? 

Adjust Pool Water 

Check the weather forecast. If it’s going to rain anytime soon, pool experts suggest you lower your water level below the skimmer box to make aftercare cleaning easier. Reducing the water also helps reduce the chance of an overflow.  

Clean Your Pool  

The wisest thing to do after a downpour is to clean your pool and remove all dirt and debris from the water. Once everything is okay, turn your filter system on and restore your pool’s sanitization levels.  

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Need Help With Pool Cleaning in Boynton Beach? 

Don’t let the rain ruin a potentially fun pool day! If you need help with cleaning, we’re here for you. At Fountain Blue Pools, we offer pool cleaning services to ensure your pool is safe. Our years of experience in the industry allow us to provide quality service that will exceed your expectations. Contact us to learn more. 

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