The fact that a pool and a hot tub both hold bodies of water makes people think that they require the same maintenance. However, they’re not as similar as they may seem, especially when we’re talking about a pool and a hot tub detached from each other. Thus, before jumping to conclusions about their maintenance needs, you should listen to some plumbing service provider or a professional pool service in West Palm Beach first.   

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How is a Pool Different from a Hot Tub?

Essentially, a pool is an artificial structure designed to hold water for swimming and other leisure activities. It can be in-ground or freestanding, usually with cool water. On the other hand, a hot tub, also known as a spa, has built-in water jets for massage effects and hydrotherapy. Usually, the water in a hot tub is warm or hot, depending on your preference.  

Because of these differences, they require different maintenance needs.   

Water to Person Ratio

A regular-sized hot tub can contain about 475 gallons of water, while a 12 x 24 feet swimming pool holds about 10,800 gallons. That means that it takes more than 20 hot tubs to fit a regular pool. While a pool can fit six people, having that same number in a hot tub greatly affects its water chemistry.  

Clearly, a hot tub requires extra sanitation methods in place, like a regular clean-up every 1-2 weeks, to keep its filter cartridge performing its job efficiently.   

Water Temperature

Since a hot tub is warmer, it uses up more chemicals. The difference in temperature between the two requires the use of different sanitation products as well. Chlorine, which is used to sanitize pools, is stable up to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, at which point it dissipates from the water. However, a hot tub’s temperature ranges from 95-104 degrees Fahrenheit. In this case, chlorine becomes unstable.  

Hence, the chlorine used in hot tubs is specialized to withstand high temperatures. Other spa owners also use bromine or ozone generators for added protection since they are more stable alternatives.   

It’s important to take this seriously because bacteria develop in warm waters. It’s a concern because warm water opens your skin pores, making it susceptible to bacterial infection

Changing Water  

Hot tubs need more frequent draining compared to swimming pools. Hot tubs need to be thoroughly scrubbed and refilled every 3-4 months. Flushing is a common practice done in hot tubs to prevent biofilm from building up in the spa cover or plumbing system. 

Without this process, your effort falls in vain as the water just gets contaminated again when the plumbing and other hard-to-reach areas are not completely cleaned.  Conversely, pools don’t need constant draining as this may cause structural damage.  

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Get A Professional Pool Service Company in West Palm Beach

Deciding to build a pool and a hot tub in your property entails careful planning and substantial know-how. When separate, both require different circulation systems and sanitation methods. Thankfully, Fountain Blue Pools is there to guide you through these tedious processes. Call us today so we can discuss how we make things easier for you.    

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