Pool cleaning in Stuart is a tough job requiring attention to detail, patience, and skills. So, before you consider building a pool, know that maintenance is part of the package. Keeping your pool clean is crucial so it’s safe to swim in.  

A dirty pool can make you and your family sick, but besides acquiring diseases, it’s also unsightly to look at. An eye sore of poorly maintained pools is hard water stains. Rust marks on your pool can be downright embarrassing. How do you get rid of them?   Pool cleaning in Stuart is a tough job

How to Get Rid of Hard Water Stains 

What Are Hard Water Stains? 

If you haven’t cleaned your pool in a while, you probably already saw them, but you don’t know what they were called. Finally, there’s a term for the cloudy white deposits that collect in the area where water comes in contact with your tiles –hard water stains. Water can be soft or hard.  

This classification is not related to the actual feeling of the water. Hard water is when there’s excess magnesium and calcium within the water molecules. Soft water doesn’t contain harsh minerals. Hard water stains can be found at the level of your pool water. The buildup of calcium can also make your water cloudy 

How Do You Remove Hard Water Stains? 

The technique depends on the nature of the buildup. If it’s calcium carbonate, you can easily scrub it clean with a pumice stone or a nylon brush using circular strokes. Eventually, the scum will soften and loosen.  

Pool cleaning experts suggest you wet the stains before cleaning because they’re easier to remove when they’re moist; in that way, you don’t need to apply too much pressure. Scrubbing too hard may also scratch your tiles. Another easy way to remove hard stains is by using a pressure washer with temperature control. Make sure you stand at least three feet from the area you want to clean.  

Pool cleaning in Stuart is a tough job

Need Help with Pool Cleaning in Stuart? 

If you’re not confident about your pool cleaning skills, contact us for help. At Fountain Blue Pools, we are pool construction, repair, and maintenance experts. Our staff has the knowledge and skills to ensure you get everything you need to enjoy your pool. Contact us today for a free estimate. 

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