Even if a pool is beautifully designed, no one will dare dive into it if the water looks murky. Whether it’s a private pool in your friend’s backyard or a swimming pool from a hotel, you must always check the water. Keeping your pool water clean is the owner’s responsibility. If you have one, make pool cleaning in West Palm Beach a priority. It’s safe to say a pool is both an asset and a liability. How do you make sure your pool stays sparkling clean?  

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How to Keep Your Pool Clean Every Time You Take a Dip 

Get a Filter and Take Care of It 

You can’t have a pool without a filter. A filter’s job is to keep your pool water clean by removing dirt, dust, sand, and other debris from the pool. But for your filter to do its job, it has to be properly maintained.  

If your filter is already collecting too much dirt, it must be unclogged. Pool experts recommend you clean your filters regularly, especially if the pressure gauges reflect a number between seven and ten pounds. You can take the filter out and clean it thoroughly, or you can backwash the filter.  

Keep Your Pump Working 

The heart of your pool system is the pump. It works by keeping everything flowing by channeling water from the pool and directing it to the filter. You cannot achieve a clean pool without it. The type of pump you need is influenced by the depth and size of your pool and the number of people who are usually using your pool. If you are unsure, it’s best to ask professional pool experts for advice. 

Regular Shock Treatment 

Every week you should apply shock products to your pool. Shocking your pool helps destroy bacteria, break down cosmetics, remove waste, and minimize chlorine odor. It also prevents algae from forming.

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Need Professional Pool Cleaning in West Palm Beach?

If you need to keep your pool regularly cleaned but don’t have the time, we’re here for you. At Fountain Blue Pools, we offer pool cleaning services to keep it sparklingly clean all year round, especially during the summer. Contact us today for a free quote.  

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