Having a pool in your backyard can turn a boring yard into a fun-filled place everyone can enjoy. While you plunge into the merrymaking and spend warm afternoons dipping in the water, your pool may also invite unwanted guests. In a case where stray animals get into your pool, whether intentionally or not, you may need help from a pool service in Delray Beach.   

residential pool needing pool service in Delray Beach 

What Should I Do to Keep Animals Out of My Pool?

Animals may also enjoy the water just as much as you. While this should be harmless at most, a few simple precautions may prevent this from happening.   

Design Lounge Ledges

When building a pool, provide shallow areas on the side where animals can easily and safely escape.   

Build A Fence Around Your Pool

Building a fence around your pool should give a clear signal to animals that they shouldn’t go there. A fence may also impede an animal from entering even when they try.  

Install Buoyant Devices in the Water

Most animals are clever. Fueled with the will to survive, they will cling to floaters until they can safely get out of the water on their own.  

Place Knotted Nylon Ropes Along the Sides

This is perfect for animals that can climb like mice, raccoons, and squirrels. Installing these ropes at the water’s surface increases their chance of escaping from the water.  

Scoop Them Out

In an instance where you’re there while an animal happens to get in your pool, you may scoop them out of it using a net or pool skimmer. This, however, is only applicable to small animals like birds and frogs.   

Use Caution  

Saving an animal from drowning doesn’t mean putting your safety in jeopardy. For all animals, especially larger ones, always make sure to avoid being bitten.   

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Hire a Pool Service in Delray Beach 

Going the extra mile to make your backyard swimming pool animal-friendly doesn’t mean exhausting more physical labor from yourself. If the task seems too much for you, you can always hire a pool service to help.  

At Fountain Blue Pools, we want our customers to have the most fun they can have with their swimming pools as we provide top-notch pool service. Contact us today.    

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