Is achieving a clean and safe swimming pool all year round possible? If you do regular pool service in West Palm Beach, the answer is yes. Every enjoyment comes with responsibilities. You can’t expect your pool to be clean if you’re not doing anything.  

But the good news is you don’t have to do everything yourself, and that’s where pool cleaning companies come in. With your hectic schedule, maintaining your pool can be challenging. So we recommend weekly and monthly cleaning schedules to ensure you and your family will have a good time and not worry about getting sick or infected.  

Pool service in west palm beach

Pool Maintenance Guidelines 

The Size of Your Pool Is Not a Factor 

One of the biggest misconceptions about pool maintenance is that many homeowners believe that a small pool does not require the same maintenance as a much larger pool. The size doesn’t determine this. Regular cleaning must be done regardless of pool size.    

Weekly Maintenance Routine  

The following should be part of your weekly pool maintenance schedule  

Pool service west palm beach checking pool's pH

Interested in Pool Service in West Palm Beach?  

Keeping your pool in excellent shape requires a lot of work. If you’re not committed to performing all these tasks every week, you can ask for professional help. At Fountain Blue Pools, we specialize in everything about swimming pools, from construction and design to pool maintenance. Contact us for a free estimate.  

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