One of the most common reasons people call for pool service in West Palm Beach is a leak. Whether in an in-ground pool or an above-ground pool, a leaky pool can cause a lot of water waste. Fixing a leak in a pool can be tricky, and it often requires a professional to come out and diagnose the problem.  

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Fixing Leaks in an In-Ground Pool and Above-Ground Pool

In-Ground Pool

The pool pump, filter, heater, and all the piping need to be examined for possible issues. The leak might have developed because of a burst pipe, a damaged filter, or an overloaded heater. But how do we fix the leak? We usually need to drain the pool completely. Then we need to remove the pool’s covers and inspect the pool surfaces to see any visible damage or leakage. 

If the problem is caused by a burst pipe or a damaged filter, we can fix that and replace the damaged equipment. If the leak is due to a damaged heater, we can also replace it. As we inspect the pool’s surfaces, we’ll be able to decide on whether we’ll have to replace the pool or patch up the leak.  

If the pool walls are clean and the leak is small, we might be able to patch it up with some vinyl and caulk. If the walls are stained or the leak is larger, then we need to replace the pool wall. 

Above-Ground Pool

An above-ground pool typically has three layers: a coping, a liner, and the water itself. If the pool is leaking, you’ll need to drain the pool and examine all of these layers. We’ll need to remove the pool’s covers and inspect the pool’s surfaces to see any visible damage or leakage. If a leaky liner causes the problem, we need to replace it with a new liner.  

We’ll also need to replace any other broken or damaged pieces of equipment. Pointing out the cause of leakage and which part of the pool will make patching it up a lot easier. Once we’ve fixed the leak, we’ll want to fill the pool with the correct amount of water to check if the problem is solved.  

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Do You Need Pool Service in West Palm Beach?

We offer a variety of pool services for both in-ground and above-ground pools. Whether you need help fixing a leak or want to keep your pool clean, we can help. We offer flexible scheduling and can accommodate last-minute requests, especially helpful if you’re dealing with a pool emergency. Talk to us at Fountain Blue Pools today. 

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