A custom swimming pool in West Palm Beach starts a perfect, family-centered swimming experience. The key is to be sure you understand how to design your pool for safety. 

Pool safety is a key element of pool construction, and design is critical to safety. In fact, the National Recreation and Park Association lists swimming pools as one of the top five potential dangers for small children. For that reason, it’s important to be sure that the pool you build is one that’s designed with safety in mind. 

kids basking under the sun in their custom swimming pool in West Palm Beach  

Pool Features for Your Family’s Safety

Pool Fences

This feature is key to keeping children safe. Pool fences offer a barrier that separates the water from the pool deck. Fencing is also a common safety feature in commercial pools, customized to have different materials, styles, and heights. For your family’s safety, it’s crucial to have a fence that’s both attractive and effective.  

Pool Covers

In addition to fencing, a pool cover adds a protective layer over the pool. It not only increases safety but also gives your pool a cleaner, more professional appearance. A cover protects the pool from leaves, debris, and other objects that can get inside. It also helps to insulate the pool, keeping it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.  

For safety in the pool, choose a cover that has all of those features and one that’s easy to clean and maintain. 

Pool Alarms

To protect your children in the pool, install an alarm. This feature helps remind people of your pool’s presence and can be programmed to sound or flash when children come up to the pool without adult supervision.  

pool with a fence for custom swimming pool in West Palm Beach  

Get Help with a Custom Swimming Pool in West Palm Beach!

Ensuring your family’s safety is a priority. Be sure that you get the help you need when building your swimming pool in West Palm Beach. Contact us at Fountain Blue Pools for a free consultation.

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