Your backyard pool can be an oasis of afternoon delight or evening bondings, and what better way to improve your family’s experience than by adding cool features to it. Today, more and more homeowners have adopted resort living into their own abode. Thankfully, pool cleaning in Boca Raton is never a problem, because we are here to help you out.  

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What Features Can You Add to Your Pool Design?

Have you grown tired of the usual rectangular pool design? Are you one of those who wish their pool could have more fun features your family can enjoy? Perfect! The following cool features should entice you to redesign your next pool. 


Incorporating good lighting around your pool adds a layer of elegance to it. Adding underwater and poolside LED lights will make the water sparkle more, creating beautiful reflections of blue and green. You may also put overhead multicolor lights to assimilate different moods for added effect.  

Upcycled Fountain

Do you have that long-forgotten planter sitting in the corner of your garden? Why not try to make use of that and run a fountain in it to upgrade the look of your pool?  

Fabricated Waterfalls

If you want to go over the top in your pool design, you can affix waterfalls to it. Imagine the kind of fun your kids could have by allowing the water to splash through them. If they want to be extra playful, they can use the cascading water to splash it to each other – it surely would be a wonderful sight to see.  

Pool Bar

Who said bathing and drinking should be mutually exclusive? Spice up your backyard pool by adding a bar to it. However, just make sure to be extra careful, especially when the effects of the alcohol are already manifesting. To ensure everything goes well, place the bar in the shallow part of your pool, so you don’t have to swim while holding your drink up.  

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Looking for Professional Pool Cleaning in Boca Raton?

Having these cool features in your pool can mean additional nooks and crannies to clean up. However, that shouldn’t stop you from getting them. At Fountain Blue Pools, we offer professional pool cleaning services no matter what type of pool you have. Our expert staff would gladly do the work for you.  

If you want to start owning a fun pool in your backyard, give us a call today to see how we can help!

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