Black bottom pools have recently caught the attention of bath lovers because of their unique style and appeal. These types of pools, like the name suggests, are black in appearance due to the color of the paint or tiles used. However, before you have a custom swimming pool in West Palm Beach made, it’s best to consult with a professional company first.   

woman under water of a custom swimming pool in West Palm Beach

Dangers Behind Black Bottom Pools

With the rise of industrial-type houses comes the popularity of black bottom pools. It can’t be denied that they look more stylish and Instagrammable. They also complement well with the roughly-finished cement surface look of your house. However, people soon discovered the dangers behind black bottom pools.  

More Accidents

Statistics shows that more accidents have happened in black bottom pools. This is because the dark water of these pools makes it difficult for patrons to predict their depth. Some people who plunged right away without checking their depth first experienced back and neck injuries.   

Serious Infections

With dark bottom pools, it’s difficult to notice a buildup of black algae. That’s why pool owners wouldn’t know their pool already needs some thorough brushing and cleaning because they can’t see black spots around its surface.   

Additionally, black bottom pools are warmer because it absorbs more sunlight. Therefore, as you swim through a warm and dirty dark bottom pool, your pores open up, making you more susceptible to serious infections.   

custom swimming pool design in West Palm Beach 

Get Help for Your Custom Swimming Pool in West Palm Beach

Deciding what type of pool to have in your backyard should require the help of experts. A professional would be able to suggest whether an in-ground or above-ground pool would suit your space. Additionally, professionals would know how to design and build your pool to meet quality standards.   

At Fountain Blue Pools, we always think of the welfare of our clients. We make sure to build the best-looking and most durable swimming pool for you and your family to enjoy. Call us today for a free survey.   

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