Infinity pools have recently gained popularity across the world due to their artistic design. Also known as “disappearing edge pools,” their water flow looks like it integrates into the surrounding landscape. The water flows through the edge and falls inside a tank, where it is filtered before going back to the surface. However, this mechanism is rather tricky; therefore, experts suggest hiring professionals for pool construction in South Florida.   

infinity pool construction South Florida

Why Build an Infinity Pool in Your Home or Resort? 

Although this design is costly, they bring a few advantages far more valuable than its price. Infinity pools are a good design for the following reasons.   

They Can Be Installed on Uneven Terrain

The construction of a regular pool on a sloping site requires the use of concrete. With the amount of work needed, it typically takes a long time for one to finish. That makes it a less attractive option for pool owners. 

However, infinity pools may be built on uneven terrain. The natural slope gives it a more artistic feel, adding a visual illusion of seamless flow. 

They Are Eye-Catching and Instagram-Worthy 

Aside from its other benefits, its popularity is attributed to its Instagram-worthiness. Infinity pools built on buildings look like they have no boundaries. If you scour through the internet, you will see people posing by the disappearing edge in captivating photographs 

Imagine having a picture of you taken with the sunset in the background in what seems like a natural blending of man and nature. That would definitely be lovely!   

They Are Environmentally Friendly

Pool owners hesitate to have this design, fearing they will waste water and money. What they fail to realize, however, is that this unique design saves them money down the road.  

For one, the water pumps only work when the pool is in use. Its zero-edge design and water collection troughs prevent spillage. If the filtration system is maintained properly, water can circulate back into the pool as needed. All these minimize the need for excessive sanitation and constant draining.   

infinity pool construction South Florida

Dependable and Efficient Pool Construction in South Florida

With all the technicalities of constructing an infinity pool, hiring an inexperienced team is a huge mistake. Fountain Blue Pools, on the other hand, guarantees you the best value for your money.  

Our team of skilled workers operates with precision and efficiency. We have been in the business for many years, giving us quite the reputation of being a leading pool construction company. To thoroughly discuss your construction plans, visit our contact page.   

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