It’s a common dream to own a swimming pool. A pool offers numerous benefits. In addition to providing you and your family with enjoyment, it increases the value of your home. But you won’t be able to reap the full benefits of your investment if it’s not well-maintained. The best way to keep your swimming pool in great shape is to hire a pool service in Boynton Beach.  

Maintaining a pool entails a lot of labor-intensive work, knowledge, and skills to ensure that your pool is clean and safe to use; that’s why we highly recommend entrusting pool upkeep to the experts. One of the easiest ways to maintain your pool is to clean your filter regularly.  

Pool service in boynton beach filter

Cleaning Pool Filters 101 

Sand Filter

A sand filter uses sand particles to lock in debris and prevent them from getting into your pool. Sand is okay since water can easily flow through it, but dirt and other debris get trapped. How do you know if it’s time to clean your sand filter? The first thing to do is to check your pressure gauge. You must do an initial check to have a reference. Clean the filter once the pressure reaches eight to ten psi.  

Cartridge Filter 

Cartridge filters work by pushing pool water into a material made of polyester cloth. Water passes through the cloth while it traps dirt and debris. This type of filter is quite similar to sand filters. If the pressure gauge reaches eight to ten psi, that’s your cue to have it cleaned.  

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Filter

The concept behind a diatomaceous earth filter is the same as a sand filter. Instead of sand, the mesh is covered with diatomaceous earth powder that catches debris. You know it’s time to clean your filter when the pressure gauge rises to eight to ten psi.  

Pool service in boynton beach filter

Need Pool Service in Boynton Beach?

You don’t have to burden yourself with all this work. At Fountain Blue Pools, we offer affordable pool cleaning services. Our pool experts have the tools, knowledge, and skills to ensure that your swimming pools are clean. We’ll do all the work for you while you relax. Contact us to schedule maintenance.  

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