We all know that the best way to keep our pools clean is to keep them well-maintained. One of the most important aspects of pool cleaning in Boynton Beach is draining the pool regularly. This process will remove contaminants and debris even without harsh chemicals or expensive equipment. 

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Steps in Pool Draining

Step 1: Get a Submersible Pump

Use a submersible pump to drain the water from the pool. Since each pool type has special requirements for the size and style of the pump, you should get one specifically designed for your pool type.   

Lower the submersible pump into the bottom of the pool. Attaching a rope to the pump’s power cord will help guide the device to the deep end. Be sure to remove the rope once the pump reaches the bottom. 

Step 2: Turn on the Pump and Drain Your Pool

To begin the draining process, unplug your pool’s drain. Next, turn on the submersible pump to start draining water from your pool.  

Step 3: Open the Relief Valves

Open the relief valves found at the bottom of the pool. These are the valves you can set to drain the pool once specific water levels have been reached. 

Step 4: Clean or Repair

After the pool has been drained, it is time to clean or repair it. You can clean the pool by manual labor or by adding chemical products. If necessary, you can also do some repairs by replacing broken filters or parts or adding chemicals that will help keep the pool clean and clear.  

Step 5: Close the Relief Valves

Close the relief valves once you have finished cleaning the pool or repairing it. This step will allow the pool to be refilled.  

Step 6: Fill It Up

Fill up the pool again after you have either cleaned or repaired it. You can use a hose and lay it in your pool so the water can flow into it.  

Step 7: Balance the Water Chemistry

Once the pool is filled up again, it is time to check the water chemistry and balance it out to ensure that the pool stays clean and the water clear. You can use chlorine to kill the dirt and sanitize your pool. If you are using chlorine the way you should, it is not hazardous.  

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Need Help with Pool Cleaning in Boynton Beach?

You don’t have to deal with the stresses and struggles of pool maintenance on your own. Our team at Fountain Blue Pools can help you with this step. Contact us today and get a free quote on pool cleaning.

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