While most, if not all, cannot resist the temptation of cannonballing into a pool to cool down during a sunny day, there are signs you should be mindful of to ensure you have a clean and safe pool. Whatever chemicals are in the pool can easily affect you in many ways; thus, if it did not use professional pool cleaning in Boynton Beach, that could be a cause for concern 

Therefore, the next time you dip into a hotel or resort pool, remember the following insights listed below to guarantee safe swimming.  

pool with sparkling water after pool cleaning in Boynton Beach 

How to Tell If Pool Water Is Safe for Swimming

The Water Is Clear

One easy way to check for the cleanliness of a pool is to see if the water is clear. This reminder is especially true when you expect the water to appear clear based on the tiles or paint colors used. However, if you can’t see the bottom of the pool, it must indicate that the pool is not clean after all.  

The Water Is Not Greasy

Another way to check for the cleanliness of a pool is to scoop some water from it. If you see that the water looks greasy and feels slimy, that should tell you to back off and change back to your regular clothes. It means that the chlorine isn’t working, and it’s not safe for you to get into the water.  

Pool Filters Are Working

Pool filters play an integral role in maintaining the cleanliness of a pool. Residues like urine, sweat, and dead skin get drained into the filter to make way for clean water to circulate. According to a survey, one out of five adults confessed to peeing in the pool.  

Thus, if you see that no water current is going to the circulation jets, this should mean that the filters aren’t working.  

There Is No Strong Smell

Contrary to popular belief, the strong smell from pools does not mean excessive chlorine. The smell is actually coming from chloramines. Chloramines are diluted chlorine due to urine, sweat, skin, or hair that have mixed with it. That means there is not enough chlorine to kill harmful germs and viruses.  

To guarantee the pool’s safety, you can use test strips. The pH level of safe pools for swimming should range between 7.2 to 7.8, and chlorine concentration of at least one ppm. 

clean pool with pool cleaning in Boynton Beach  

Get Professional Pool Cleaning in Boynton Beach

Having fun with your family in the middle of a hot day should not mean compromising your overall health. If you want to ensure your pool meets health standards, contact us at Fountain Blue Pools today. 

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