When it comes to pool cleaning in Stuart, most people think of skimming the surface, vacuuming the bottom, and maybe adding a little pool chemistry here and there. But there’s another pool maintenance task that can’t be overlooked: draining your pool.  

If you have an above-ground pool, you may need to drain it to perform a variety of maintenance activities that keep your pool water clean and clear and extend the life of your pool. You may also need to drain your pool to perform minor repairs or clean up after a small pool leak. 

pool with clear blue water after pool cleaning in Stuart 

Why Drain Your Pool?

To Replace the Water

You can drain your pool to replace the water if, for example, your pool is getting dirty or if you see the water turning cloudy. Draining your pool helps reduce the number of algae that can grow in the pool. A dirty pool is also a breeding ground for bugs and other pests.  

Once you drain your pool, you can filter out all the sediment, debris, and other contaminants accumulated in the pool. You can filter out algae and bacteria, and other impurities that can make your pool water cloudy. A clear pool makes it much more enjoyable to swim in.  

To Replace Pool Liner

You may need to drain your pool to replace the liner, which helps to keep your pool safe. If the liner becomes damaged, it may no longer be effective at keeping the water in the pool. Thus, you need to drain your pool to repair the damaged liner or replace it with a new liner.  

You may also need to drain your pool to wash the liner to keep it clean or to treat the liner with a chemical to keep it clean. 

To Fix Pool Chemistry

Many pool chemicals can be harmful to kids or pets when used at the wrong concentration. For example, pool chemistry that contains bleach is powerful and can be very dangerous. Bleach is very dangerous to kids, pets, and swimming pool equipment. If you notice that your pool has a chemical imbalance, you should drain your pool to make the repairs and then treat and re-level the pool to correct the chemical imbalance.  

father and daughter enjoying their pool after pool cleaning in Stuart  

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