Swimming pools are one of the greatest luxuries you can provide for your family. They provide a place to cool off in the summer, a place for the kids to play, and a great area for the whole family to hang out. But it’s not all fun and games. Keeping a pool clean and clear without pool service in Stuart can be a real challenge, with cloudy water being one of the most frustrating problems. 

swimming pool with cloudy water that needs pool service in Stuart  

How to Clear Cloudy Water?

Use Pool Clarifier

A clarifier is the magic wand that removes all the particles that cloud the pool water, ensuring crystal clear water. A clarifier is a chemical solution that helps the filter work more efficiently. Use a clarifier every once in a while to reduce the number of chemicals that need to be added to the pool.  

Once you have added the clarifier, let it sit for a few minutes before running the water, and the cloudy water should be a thing of the past. There are so many clarifiers on the market today. Make sure you buy the right one for your pool.  

Use Pool Flocculant

Flocculant is a chemical solution that helps remove the particles that cloud the pool water and is an alternative to using a clarifier. It will also help remove any organic matter in the pool that could negatively affect its chlorine level and overall balance. It is best to use the flocculant to help prevent cloudy water from forming in the first place.  

A flocculant works by settling suspended particles and will help reduce the amount of water filtered.  

Assist Your Filter

When you have cloudy water, it’s best to let the filter do its job and remove some of the particles causing the problem. A well-maintained filter will provide cleaner water and help to ensure that the water does not contain too many particles. Filter maintenance is also a crucial factor in ensuring that you do not have too much cloudy water in your pool.  

If your filter is not working properly or has a filter not providing the desired results, it may be time to get a new one. You should often replace the filter to ensure that it works effectively and at its optimum efficiency level.  

pool chemicals for pool service in Stuart  

Get Professional Pool Service in Stuart

If all of the above methods don’t seem to work to clear cloudy water in your pool, it may be time to consider hiring a professional pool service. Pool service professionals have the knowledge and equipment to help you keep your pool clean and clear. They also can adjust the filters and ensure your pool is working efficiently to help you save money in the long run.  

Give us a call at Fountain Blue Pools today to schedule your pool maintenance.

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