Pools are generally pleasant to look at – except when they have turned old and ugly. If yours has become rundown, you naturally avoid it rather than diving in. Thankfully, you can liven up your backyard pool by resurfacing it through pool service in Stuart.  

Although pool resurfacing requires the expertise of pool technicians and builders, it helps if you have the basic know-how about the job. It can be tricky, yes, but as long as you follow the necessary steps, you should be able to effectively perform the job.

swimming pool in need of a pool service in stuart

How to Resurface a Pool

Preparing the Pool

The first step is to prepare your pool for the project. But before that, you must prepare yourself for how much it can cost. Make a ballpark estimate based on the flooring material, the material used to refinish your pool, and the size of your pool. Having a clear picture of the budget will help you decide on things related to the project.  

As part of the preparatory steps, clean the pool’s surrounding area. Remove all accessories and furniture that can get in the way with your movements. At the same time, stripping a pool may create dust and debris, which can destroy your exterior ornamentation’s quality. 

Draining and Stripping the Pool

Switch the central pump system in your pool to the “drain” or “backwash” option. If you can’t cycle the water out of the pool with the main pump, you can utilize a submersible pump. The pool must be fully empty before resurfacing can begin. 

Examine the pool’s inside for cracks, crumbling, scorching, and other signs of deterioration. These signs could point to a more serious problem with the pool’s plumbing or in-ground foundation.  

Applying Various Finishes

Before applying the refinishing solution, most pool surfaces will require a particular priming epoxy. Apply the primer to the whole pool surface and let it dry completely before proceeding.  

After the primer has dried, begin painting the pool with the topcoat epoxy or resurfacing solution, from deep to shallow parts. Before applying the second coat, let the topcoat dry completely. Sand the pool in between coatings to ensure that the next layer adheres well. Most pools require three to four coats of paint. Let it dry for five to seven days before refilling your pool with water.

swimming pool in need of a pool service in stuart

Looking to Hire Professional Pool Service in Stuart?

We understand that pool resurfacing can be labor-intensive and will require so much of your time. Thus, our team at Fountain Blue Pools extends ourselves to be of service to our neighboring regions. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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